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Hand-made Halloween stickers by Meishun


Hand-drawn, hand-cut, Halloween stickers.

♫ This is Halloween, this is Halloween! ♫ Do you hear it? We’ve got you covered. Trick & Treating this year is a little bit different, but Meishun’s Halloween stickers will bring back all Halloween spirits you’ll need!

There are endless possibilities for you to use our stickers. They are perfect for decorating anything! Check the tags on the bottom of this page for inspiration.

Sold in a complete set of 5. You’ll get one of each!

The stickers vary slightly in size, but all of them will fit comfortably on the back of your phone.

We do not accept returns, but if something is wrong with your order, please let us know ASAP and we will help you to fix it! Our goal is to make our customers happy!

Should you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mockup psd designed by Freepik:

10 in stock

About Hanh & Kay

Hanh and Kay are two students making their own sticker story. Combining their international communication and media studies with setting up an online store is a great practice!

Who is Hanh? She loves drawing, day and night. Whereas Hanh usually draws characters from fanfictions, now, she decided to expand her drawing skills.

Through Meishun Aesthetics and the drawing of stickers and illustrations that come with it, Hanh is quickly developing her drawing skills. A perfect combination, as she is also enjoying a new experience. What? The new experience of selling beautiful, high-quality hand-made products.

Kay is more at home in logistics, making sure everything’s organized. Because of Trello, Planoly, and a thorough organization system, it’s easy to keep track. However, Kay’s tasks also involve cutting, packing, and shipping stickers! In short, Kay does everything that involves a computer or an organization system.

Would you like to stay in touch with us? And stay up-to-date with our sticker story? Read our blog!

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Dimensions 12.5 × 17.6 cm

Lemonade, beach ball, surfboard, van, sunscreen


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