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About us

Two communication and media students making their own sticker story. One loves drawing, one loves logistics. Say hi to Meishun, our representative!

han and kay profile illustration

Say who now?


Meishun, the sunflower girl. Always looking for aesthetics. You know, that’s actually where her name comes from. In both Japanese and Chinese, Meishun means “looking for beauty”.

Ms. Sunflower

Meishun’s mysterious, classy, somewhat haughty friend. No one knows where she comes from. Some suspects she’s an alien, but she insists she’s a Sunflower™.

Mr. Meow

Meishun’s neighbor’s cat. Sometimes he’s overexcited, sometimes he’s really chill. He annoys Ms. Sunflower sometimes, but they’re still good friends.

The life of Meishun, Ms. Sunflower, and Mr. Meow