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Locating the officials

The street was dark, very dark. There was heavy rainfall and the wind was blowing the tiles almost off the roofs. ‘There are no lights here, are you sure we’re supposed to go down this alley?’ Meishun asked Donna. ‘I am positive they’re in a house at the end of this path, so let’s go!’ Donna replied.

The girls carefully walked down the narrow alley, trying not to step on any of the glass that lay scattered all around. ‘Those officials must indeed enjoy a beer or two, perhaps more than only a beer’, Meishun said disapprovingly. The girls expected to find the group of officials, the targets of the witches.

But first, let’s back up a bit. How did they get here?

Remember that Donna and Meishun traveled to the capital city of Neverland to find five government officials. Donna’s niece, who belongs to Neverland’s witches, told Donna that soon, the government officials would be approached by other witches. The witches would threaten the government officials to bring out an official message containing the demands of the witches. The officials will be taken hostage until the message is published and the demands are met.

Well, Donna felt that they had to do something about this. You may think that there’s a simple solution: calling the police. However, you must know that calling the police in Neverland won’t do much. They are a bureaucratic bunch who are terrified of the witches. The police know that the laws are not taken seriously by the witches at all, and because they have been historically abused by the general society, it is very likely that any case made against them will be judged as unfair and they won’t be prosecuted.

The girls carefully walked down the narrow alley, trying not to step on any of the glass that lay scattered all around.

Anyways, Meishun and Donna are walking down the dark path. At the end, they arrive at a door. It seems locked, but when Donna moves the handle, it opens. Inside, five pairs of eyes look at the two girls. Five tired, drunken faces. Confusedly, one manages to bring out some words: ‘Who are you, why are you here?’

Donna starts: ‘It doesn’t matter who we are, but we have information that soon some witches will come to you and will keep you hostage. We are here to warn you. Do what is good for yourself and flee.’ Both Meishun and Donna stayed close to the door, out of fear that the officials won’t believe them and they will have to flee.

Much to their surprise, the official sitting on the left gets up, walks around the table to a drawer, opens it, shuffles through the papers, pulls out a document and hands it to Meishun. ‘Read this’, he says. 

Meishun grabs the paper. It is a letter from the witches announcing their arrival.

‘We received this letter yesterday. Why do you think we are all looking so miserable? We don’t have anywhere to go. The witches will find us and we will have to do whatever they want!’

Meishun and Donna stand there all surprised. The officials know? Well, at least that shows that they are aware of the impending danger and won’t try to fix the problem themselves.

But now Meishun and Donna have another problem. The five guys told them that they have no way to flee. It’s now Friday and the witches have announced that they’re coming for them on Monday. Meishun thought that the witches probably knew that the guys have no way to flee without their boss knowing and thus, thought that they could instill some extra fear onto them by announcing their arrival. How lucky that it’s just today that Meishun and Donna found the officials!

‘Okay. Can you stay put until tomorrow night? We will try to concoct a plan for you guys to flee’, Meishun tells the officials. Donna adds: ‘please make sure you bring a change of clothes tomorrow, preferably dark clothes with a hoodie. We’ll make you invisible in the night.’

And so, Meishun and Donna went back to their hotel room. They sat down with some music, a pizza, a notebook and a drawing pad. Let’s design operation ESCAPE!

See you in the next blog!

Hanh & Kay

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