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The witches: the secrets of Neverland’s black sheep

Do you remember where Meishun and Donna left off? Right in the capital of Neverland, celebrating the Lunar New Year. They took a small vacation, and now the girls are back in business, ready to hunt the witches!

Let’s go back quickly. What’s up again? The officials, right. Neverland may be fictional, but that doesn’t mean it’s paradise. In some regards, yes (magnificent views in Meishun’s hometown, of course) but in other ways, it can be quite a tricky place. 

Tricky, how?

People in Neverland’s government usually aren’t so… Suited for the job, let’s put it that way. You know, Neverland has a system where government people rotate every two years. The system has been in place for ages and its goal is to make sure no government official gets too much power. It works, indeed. However, an unanticipated consequence is that no government official actually cares about his or her job. They’ll rotate in two years anyways.

Neverland’s government people are quite careless indeed. They have no chance to work towards any goal, the only task they have is to complete what comes from higher up. With regards to that, it’s easy to see why many Neverland officials take bribes as a side hustle. Not a paradise, indeed.

Now Neverland is a magical place. Not in terms of idealism, no. More literally: magical. Not everyone though, just witches. There is a large group of witches spread through Neverland’s population. You cannot recognize them just by looking around a group of people. They don’t wear pointy hats or have a wand that they swing around all day. Nor do they wear cloaks or long dresses.

Contemporary witches… sort of!

Neverland’s witches are well-integrated. Usually, they aren’t evil either. Witches don’t have unlimited magical powers either. They cannot turn things into other things (frogs into people, anyone?) They can, however, use their glass balls to get information. Information on people, to be precise. The witches can use their glass balls as a sort of meta-social-media.

Meishun and Donna are looking at four witches

Neverland’s witches are different from traditional witches. Nonetheless, their existence causes mayhem from time to time…

Now in this particular case, Donna has found out that there is a group of four witches who have malicious intent. For reasons unknown, they have gathered information about a small group of government officials and plan to blackmail them. 

But how will they blackmail the officials? Well, they have used their glass ball to find out some compromising information about the group. Nothing too bad, but the witches have gathered proof that these officials have been involved with a larger bribing conspiracy. Meishun and Donna will have to figure out what kind of bribe that is later on.

Donna… one of the witches?

You may think that Donna is one of the witches by now. She’s not. If she were, she could easily gain access to any of the evil witches’ glass balls and delete all the compromising information. Donna has a friend at school however, who is the niece of one of these evil madladies. The niece, also blessed with magical powers, discovered what her aunt and her aunt’s friends are up to. She quickly rushed to tell Donna, unsure of what to do.

Donna then asked Meishun to help her. Neither Donna nor Meishun have a direct connection to any witch circle, thus they will not be easily suspected of trying to sabotage any of the witches’ plans. The niece, Donna’s friend, would be suspected immediately, though, as she would have access to the evil witches’ glass balls. Key to the plan is that the niece has zero involvement in the undoing of the blackmail. If she’s found out, she will go to witch trial, which… due to magical powers… usually doesn’t end so well. 

Decades of silence

Witch trials are so dangerous because for a long time in Neverland, witches were frowned upon. Still, to this day, it’s better not to mention you are a witch. People may not trust you anymore. The witches, being excluded from most of society, developed their own social system, including a legal system. It’s not as developed as the actual legal system and once someone’s found out to be a participant, he or she faces actual trial (yes, men can be witches in Neverland). Witches seldom talk, however. Historically, they needed each other to survive. Talking and compromising one’s fellow witches, or close connections, is seen as treason.

It’s up to Donna and Meishun now, to find the officials, discover what kind of conspiracy they were involved with. Then they have to find the witches, too, and manage to stop them from blackmailing… What a job! Let’s see what the two girls will do next!

This story will continue in approximately two weeks!

See you in the next blog!

Hanh & Kay

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