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To the officials! (But first, how to pack a suitcase?)

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Remember how last week, Meishun met her friend at the market? Her friend, named Donna, told her about some witches who were threatening to cast a spell on a few government officials. 

Meishun felt that she had to warn the government officials not to give into the witches’ demands. The witches wanted the officials to publish their manifesto, more than likely a book of cyphers and code, that would end up being undecipherable. Probably a hoax. However, local government officials are particularly superstitious. Whether the witches’ spells actually did something or not, did not matter.

Because Meishun’s town is in the south of Neverland, quite far away from the capital, where the officials lived, Meishun and Donna made travel plans. “If we’re lucky”, Donna said, “we can even take a small holiday at the coast!” This all sounded like music to Meishun’s ears, who had enjoyed living in the small town valley, but also longed to see the sea again. She hadn’t been to the capital in two years!

The two girls concocted a plan. They would take the bus out of town (the only available means of public transport) to a slightly bigger town. There, they would hop on a number of trains to head to the capital. 

Neverland’s public transport system isn’t all too great. Don’t you think that everything in fairytales is like a fairytale… In fact, there are many problems in fairytales. Otherwise they would have no story. Anyways…

Meishun at the train station on a gloomy night. Having packed her suitcase, she is heading to the officials!

The south-station of Neverland’s cross-country railway

Meishun went inside to pack her bag. The valley was cold during the winter months. Even though it was a valley, shielded from cold winds by the mountains, it was at quite high altitude. The capital, being near the warm sea, had milder temperatures. Somewhere along the way, Meishun and Donna would have to switch from their almost Siberian clothes to lighter clothes. A t-shirt, preferably. Difficult to pack!

Meishun grabbed her summer clothes from the back of her closet. She’d stuffed them away far somewhere in September. Being reminded of warm, sunny weather when it’s all cold and gray outside is not something Meishun particularly enjoyed. The sudden prospect of a small vacation with her friend, whilst ensuring that the witches would not get what they wanted, was a welcome change to the snow.

Meishun filled up her suitcase with a bunch of clothes. She left the remaining clothes neatly folded in her wardrobe, promising herself that she would surely sort them out when she got back. Besides clothes, she brought sunglasses, her Swiss pocket knife, foldable cups, a fanny pack, some basic medicine, a water bottle, a notebook, a pen, her phone, and a book she’d been wanting to read for a long time.

Donna saw that Meishun was no longer used to travelling. When they were little, they often went on school trips. After the two of them had finished school, Meishun retreated to the small town in the south, whereas Donna stayed up north, close to the capital. Donna found it amusing to watch Meishun pack for virtually every emergency she could think of. “As if they don’t sell water up north!” She thought.

Donna rang the town hall to check for the bus schedule. The next bus that would lead them to the train station would leave at 6AM the following morning. The girls retreated for the evening, watching a documentary on Meishun’s laptop. Tomorrow, the trip will begin!

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